Starting A CPA Firm With SouthbayCPA

This Thursday at the Accounting Society meeting, we had the pleasure to have Edward Mannes from SouthbayCPA to speak to our members about how he started his own firm, why he started it, and overall guidance and advice in the industry of accounting. Edward says having your own CPA firm is great, it has benefits like being your own boss and having flexibility. Although, he says that you should only start your own firm when you can afford it, have enough experience, and have someone that genuinely believes in you. He had a few words of wisdom for the aspiring CPA's in the room. He said to remember that everyone has something to offer, do not be stubborn and think you know so much, always be willing to learn and listen because that person was once in your shoes. Amazing advice from Edward Mannes and on behalf of CSUDH and the Accounting Society we would like to thank him for giving his time for our school and our members. If you would like to know more about starting your own firm or have any questions to ask Edward Mannes.

You may contact Edward Mannes through email at: